Read-Aloud Tuesday!

Each Tuesday, I read stories in my boy H’s Montessori classroom.  In classic librarian form, I research and choose books I think they’ll like (and that I like, too!).  Here are this week’s choices:

Bob and Otto by Robert O. Bruel


Bob , a caterpillar is best friends with Otto, a worm.  When Bob climbs high in a tree, Otto chooses to dig underground.  The day the two friends meet again, something (or someone) has changed…but has their friendship?  A wonderful companion to Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar, this story’s message of maintaining friendships as people (or animals) grow and change is an important one.  Share with ages 3-7.

Elephant’s Story by Tracey Campbell Pearson


Gracie has lost her favorite book.  Elephant found a book , and in his excitement sucked all the words and letters up his trunk!  He asks friends for help, but to no avail.  Uncertain of how to put the story back together, he sits on the empty book – until Gracie finds him.  A simple story that highlights trying to do the right thing and being a problem-solver.  Share with ages 3-6.

New Red Bike by James E. Ransome


Tom just got a new red bike, and he can’t wait to show his friend Sam.  But Sam’s not home, and now Tom’s new red bike is missing…or is it?  Clear and expressive illustrations show exactly how Tom (and Sam) feel about the bike.  Add in an age-appropriate solution to one bike and two boys (taking turns), and this is a short, solid winner for the pre-k set.  Share with ages 2-5.

Red is Best by Kathy Stinson


Kelly loves red best: red stockings, red boots, red paint and more!  Nothing her mom says to her changes her mind: Red Is Best!  An old classic that is perfect for preschoolers studying colors, this would lead perfectly into a work on a child’s favorite color.  Share with ages 2-5.

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