Library lessons: Jan 13-17, 2014

Kindergarten:  Author study – Ezra Jack Keats, week 2.  Story – Hi, Cat!  Goals: recall questions, author/illustrator, TAG sentence stem, Rhyme Time.

A quick review of last week’s story and characters, and we were off!

Questions with Hi, Cat!

  • Willie and the cat are on this page with no words.  What do you think will happen?  Why do you think this – what do you know about dogs and cats?  (making inferences)
  • Where do you think the cat lives?

We continue to use TAG-inspired sentence stems to promote deeper thinking of our stories.  This week, they worked with “I like when __________”, and gave some amazing answers: “I like when the cat licked the ice cream off Archie’s face.”, “I like when Willie chased the cat.” “I like when Willie was on Peter’s head.”

2nd grade: A booktalk/shelf-talk as each class entered the library (a different series for each class).  A mini-lesson followed on finding the right library neighborhood (E, FIC, nonfiction) and using the author’s last name.  Then, Readolutions!  I realized that only students in 1st and 4th grades created readolutions in their classrooms, so I decided to have a week dedicated to goal-setting.


We talked about a resolution is as a group, then I introduced the idea of a readolution.  I had an example that I shared to the group:  I will read at least one chapter book each week.  I will also write a short summary of the book.  My readolution was both specific and reasonable, which is what I expected from them.  Classes brainstormed ideas for readolutions, and we discovered that the phrase “at least” was empowering.

Before setting them off to work, I explained what would happen with the readolutions: I would type each one, give a list to their teacher and our principal, and put it on each library pass.  With library passes being used each week for check out, this allows each student to see their goal weekly and allows me to quickly check-in with a few kids each week.  (Yes, this is a ton of work.  Yes, I will do it DID IT!)  I checked each readolution when they were finished, looking for specific and reasonable work.  (“Reading more books”, while a good goal, was not acceptable.)

I’m discovering that written work is more palatable when it is in a fun shape (today, hats) and can be colored.  Eventually, the readolution hats will be part of a library display.

3rd grade:  A booktalk, followed by a 10 min lesson on using Destiny to locate a book.  This is a huge weakness I’ve observed: students can use Destiny for everything but finding books.  I focused on two things: what is a call number and why is it useful, modeling how to find the book I just booktalked with Destiny.  I explained that our library is Library City.  A call number is the book’s address: it tells the neighborhood and location.  The best – BEST! – part of this lesson was when a student blurted, “That’s a hashtag.”  A short Twitter diversion later, the lesson was named #callnumber.  Next week, students will use Destiny to practice this skill.

These students also set Readolutions (see above).  I’m so proud of their goal-setting!


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