Read-Aloud Tuesday: Jan 21, 2014

Each Tuesday, I read stories in my boy H’s Montessori classroom.  In classic librarian form, I research and choose books I think they’ll like (and that I like, too!).  Here are this week’s choices:

Dog Blue by Polly Dunbardog-blue

Bertie loves the color blue and desperately wants a dog – a blue dog.  He’s pretended to walk a dog, feed a dog, and play fetch, so when he finds a black and white stray, he’s at a loss:  it is a dog…but it isn’t blue.  Or is it?  Simple and straightforward, a lovely story to share with preschoolers, since all are familiar with playing pretend and wanting something (like a dog?) so, so badly.  Share with ages 3-6.

Little Pink Pup by Johanna Kirby


Tink is a dachshund, a momma raising puppies.  Pink is a piglet, the runt of the litter.  Pink is not thriving in the barn, as she isn’t getting enough to eat.  Brought indoors to live – and ultimately thrive – Pink is welcomed and becomes part of Tink’s expanded family.  A true story illustrated with photographs, this one is always a crowd favorite.  Share with ages 3-10.

Pet Show! by Ezra Jack Keats


Peter and Archie are going to the Pet Show!  Peter is bringing Willie, and Archie wants to bring the cat (a stray)…  A long hunt for the cat proves fruitless, and Archie shows up at the pet show with the most unexpected pet of all (hint: it causes sniffles in everyone).  How does Archie respond when the cat shows up to the pet show with a different person?  I love-love Ezra Jack Keats and think all children should grow up knowing the world of Peter, Archie, Willie and friends.  A winner.  Share with ages 3-7.

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