ChatterPix Kids

ChatterPix KidsI love free apps. I love free apps even more when they have dual home/school use. When Richard Byrne wrote about ChatterPix Kids on one of his blogs, I thought the idea was too cool: take a picture, draw a mouth, record your voice (30 seconds, tops), add some filters/text/graphics, and DONE. An image that looks like it’s talking.

The icing on the cake was when I saw who created the app: Duck Duck Moose. I’ve downloaded and repeatedly used apps from this company for J-girl and my boy H, because they’re easy to use and both kids like them.

While making videos of talking stuffed animals is really quite fun (and cute!), my favorite idea for this app is the talking book. I booktalk in the library all the time. Imagine having a stockpile of talking books on a website! And linking the videos to the books with QR codes! Please share any ideas you have on how to use this app in your library / school.

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