P.S. Be Eleven


P.S. Be Eleven by Rita Williams-Garcia

7 word review:

Delphine’s life/family evolves in 1960’s Brooklyn.

Historical Fiction.  Share with ages 10-14.  A companion novel, but isn’t necessary to read the first book.  (I haven’t.)

Reading this story was like stepping into Delphine’s shadow in the best possible way.  Through her eyes, the reader experienced the 1960’s as an 11-year-old girl in NY:  Race tension.  The Vietnam War.  Pesky little sisters.  Pa’s new fiancée.  Veteran uncle who’s depressed.  Big Ma.  Celine (birth mom) in California.  Sixth grade.  New teacher from Zambia.  The Jackson Five.  Valentine’s Day dance.   Understandably, it could’ve felt like the kitchen sink had overflowed with history, culture and family, but it didn’t: this story is stitched together with deft precision.  This is a beautifully crafted sequel that stands alone and leaves readers with new perspectives on race and gender issues of the 60’s.

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