Readolution 2014


readolution  (noun):  the act of setting a measurable goal related to reading

It has been a long time since I’ve set a formal reading goal.  Being that it is January 1, this seems like the perfect day to declare my 2014 readolution:

I will read a minimum of one chapter book each week, then write a 7 word review / summary of the book.  This can include both children’s and YA titles.    

Why did I choose this readolution?  One reason: I binge-read.  It isn’t uncommon for me to read 4 novels in 4 days, then read nothing for 10+ days (except picture books and news/magazines).   To add some consistency to my reading habit should also increase the number of books I read – a good thing, as my students believe I have read every title in our school library.

I’ll ask my students to set a readolution when we get back to school next week, and I hope to get J-girl and my boy H to set one as well.  What about you?  Will you set a readolution?  If so, please share it!

3 thoughts on “Readolution 2014

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