Best Books of 2013: Chapter Book

after-irisFavorite Chapter Book: After Iris by Natasha Farrant

In August, I met up with a 4th grade student to swap books.  I don’t know what I recommended to him, but it couldn’t have been as amazing as After Iris, the book he shared with me.  Set in England (not that it matters), Blue and her family are working toward regaining their lives a year after Blue’s twin Iris accidentally dies.  Don’t be fooled, though: this is not a sob-fest.  It is smart, unexpectedly humorous, and truly realistic.  With a brilliant au pair and sly boy next door, Blue captures her family and those around it in the only way she knows how: on camera and in theatre scenes.

To be honest, some readers (read: adults) may find questionable scenes in this book, including underage drinking and a teen pregnancy scare.  I didn’t have an issue, as they may be the realistic experiences of children today.  I’d rather kids read about these issues to build knowledge should they ever face the experiences head-on.

Share with ages 9-14.

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