Best Books of 2013: Board Book

My Favorite Board Book of 2013:  Alphablock by Christopher Franceschelli, art by Peskimo

alphablockI first saw this book in November, and I remember thinking, “Where was this book last year, when I needed 8 baby shower gifts for colleagues?!?”  (Yes, 8.  It was a busy year in my school.)  This is, hands-down, the most beautifully designed board book for babies and toddlers that I’ve ever seen.  Ever.  With stunning lift-the-panel pages, rich, bold colors, and a die-cut letter of the alphabet that lifts to reveal an object of the same letter, this is a book that I wanted to own.  Sadly, J-girl is 6, and my boy H is 4 – it’s not gonna happen.  K-alphablock-book_0006I can, though, gift this with giddy excitement.  This is one book that will keep you turning the pages, if only to see what the author/illustrator can imagine and create.  The thick design is perfect for little hands, too.

Share with ages 0-3.


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