Holiday Picture Books (with characters you know!)

In thinking about holiday picture books for kids, I quickly came upon a realization: it seems that most major children’s book characters also have a Christmas / holiday book!  Llama Llama, Bear, Nancy, David, Madeline, Eloise…and that’s just the beginning.

I have a lot of these in my school library collection, as they’re crazy-popular with students.  In thinking about which ones I wanted to highlight, I had a mad idea: feature all of them…just not at the same time.

And so, for the next four days, I share five holiday picture books featuring a popular children’s book character.  And on Friday, I’ll share my favorite.

Oh, and a side note: Mo Willems, it seems, hasn’t fallen prey to this trend (at least yet).  His popular Pigeon is not found in any holiday story.  Neither are Piggie and Elephant.  Hmm.  Interesting.

Day 1               Day 2               Day 3               Day 4

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