Elementary Library Lessons: Dec 2-6


New author / illustrator study: Peter Brown!  I chose Children Make Terrible Pets as our first book.  As there are 3 weeks until Winter Break, this may be a very short study.  Goals: review jobs of author/illustrator, review spine label, review nonfiction 500’s and 600’s, introduce citation of titles read during class.  Oh, and Rhyme Time. 🙂children-make-terrible-pets

Even though I have a Smartboard at my disposal, I love using my whiteboard each week.  It allows me to quickly write down my goals before the class arrives (because while I plan my lessons, I don’t prepare Smartbook docs in advance.  I know, I know…terrible tech use!).  One of the K information literacy goals in our district is to begin citing sources.  The easiest way to do this is to model writing down the titles read each week.  As this week marks the start of the 2nd trimester (and a new author study), it seemed like a perfect time to begin.  Eventually, the students will take ownership in underlining the title and putting punctuation at the end.  They’ll also write the spine labels.WP_20131206_007

To wrap up our lesson, I showed students the Arthur Howard video I created from their book reviews using MovieMaker.  They loved it!  I also emailed families the link so that they could watch it at home, too.

2nd Grade

Sub week.  Mom duty called, which takes precedence over job duty.  Plans: Read Mirette on a High Wire, connect to upcoming balance and motion unit in science, complete a character web for Mirette as a class.  I leave simple but clear plans for my subs, and I include all materials needed in the lessons (including 3 copies of the character web – I wanted to see the thinking from each class).


I’ll be honest: having a sub in the library is hit or miss.  This week seemed like a miss.  I know the students heard the story, but the web was never completed.  I have no idea if the connection between the story and the science unit was made.  Bummer…

The not-completed character web...

The not-completed character web…

3rd Grade

nat-geo-student-atlasStill sub week.  Plans: Introduce the atlas, understand what an atlas is (a book of maps), locate and use the atlas’s text features to complete a scavenger hunt.  I received a set of World Atlases from a grant years ago, allowing students to work in pairs as they explore and learn.  They are gorgeous books that directly benefit each student.  How many of us regularly use maps?  I know I do!  Whether it be on a phone or in print, it doesn’t matter: learning to use the features on a map is a life skill.

Again, I don’t know what the outcome was of the lesson.  The scavenger hunt papers were not left for me to assess student achievement.  I teach another atlas lesson at some point during the year, so I’ll have a better idea of what concepts they understood (or didn’t) at that time.  Double bummer.  I’ll do my best to link the scavenger hunt soon – it typically is a popular lesson among my students.

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