Read-Aloud Tuesday: Dec 3

Each Tuesday, I read stories to my boy H’s Montessori classroom.  In classic librarian form, I research and choose books I think they’ll like (and that I like, too!).  Here are this week’s books:

dog loves drawing

Dog Loves Drawing by Louise Yates

Little Dog loves to read, so he is confused when he receives a blank sketchbook as a gift…until he breaks out his art supplies and creates his own adventure.  A great choice for creative children.   Share with ages 3-6.


Imogene’s Antlers by David Small

One Thursday morning, Imogene wakes up with a full set of antlers!  Forget how they got there…how will these antlers impact Imogene’s day?  And what will happen when she goes to sleep that night?  So many opportunities for wondering and thinking in this oldie-but-goodie.  Share with ages 3-7.


Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

Mr. Tiger is a proper fellow.  He wears a suit, tie and top hat, walks with perfect posture…and is getting bored of it all.  He would love to just Go Wild – so he does!  From walking on all fours to shedding his “suit”, Mr. Tiger is perfect for kids to see that it’s okay to be yourself and make your own choices.  Share with ages 3-7.  (c)2013

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