Thankful for Books: Day 1

Thanksgiving is in 10 days.  Eek!  However, that’s just enough time to list 10 books I’m thankful for this year!

Truthfully, there are dozens – probably hundreds – of books that could (or should) be on such a list.  Limits, though, are good.  Along with each title, I’ll explain why it landed on the list as well as give the intended audience (preschool, children’s, YA).  Please know that there is no particular order to the titles I’m listing.  Ready?  Here we go!

I’m thankful for:  National Geographic Kids Almanac 2014

This is the book I have in my car…in duplicate.  Filled with fascinating facts and full-color photographs, it’s ideal for preschoolers as well as upper elementary students.  The short text lends itself to the car environment, and the classic almanac style means that many topics are covered.  There is no need to finish a chapter…just finish the page!  Both J&H have poured over the pictures and text more times than I can count, and J lists this as her favorite book.  Ideal for ages 3+.

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