The Lego collection in my school library is insanely popular.  I stock the standard books, the minifig books, the special theme books, and even the super-cool creation books.

It’s the last group of books from artist Sean Kenney that I think are so amazing.  Rather than an encyclopedia, they encourage creativity and imagination in building unique creations using a handful (or more) of regular, non-specialty Legos.  I ordered a set in March 2013 and just re-ordered duplicate copies.  They’re fast becoming the most popular Lego books in my library!

This year, since my school is part of a district-wide STEM pilot, we have formed Lego clubs.  The 4th and 5th grades are in Lego Robotics, while the K-3rd participate in Lego We-Do.  And guess who is leading a We-Do club?  Yes!  Me!  For eight weeks, I get to guide students in creating cool Lego creatures and objects that have the capability to be programmed to move and make sound.  Like true engineers, many lessons have a test component that allows students to change gears, toms and other Lego pieces and observe the results.  The kit is small, but the result is big.  I’ve not seen a group of 12 K-3rd students as actively engaged as when building from the We-Do kit.

I bring this up because as I observed the students build last week, I realized that the creativity required in the We-Do program matches well with what Sean Kenney showcases in his Lego books.  This has So Much Potential.  Possible library display to kick of 2014?  I think YES!

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