Library Lessons: Oct 21-25, 2013

Kindergarten:  The author study of Arthur Howard continued.  This week’s goals included highlighting the differences between author / illustrator, reviewing information found on a spine label, and locating books by an author in the E (Everybody) section of the library.  Oh – and guiding the K students in creating their one word / short phrase book review of this week’s read aloud: Kathi Appelt’s Bubba and Beau: best friends.  I *love* this book for many reasons: the short chapters, the darling illustrations (yay, Arthur Howard!), and the opportunities for vocabulary development.  Great words included keen and distain.  Giving the K’s an opportunity to talk about things they are keen about – and things they have a distain for – is worthy of the few minutes that it takes.


 2nd Grade:  We continued our work with A Place for Bats by using the PebbleGo database to do a one-class research assignment on bats.  Goals included accessing the database independently, using the organizational features of PebbleGo to locate specific information, and writing down brief notes without copying.  Prior to sending the students to the computers, I modeled paraphrasing – writing someone else’s words in your own way – and bulleted notes – writing short phrases, not complete sentences.  Students were informally assessed as to how they met the 3 goals.  One of this week’s highlights included listening to two students debate how to write a bit of information down without copying it word for word.  Yes!



Modeling how to paraphrase information found in a database.

Modeling how to paraphrase information found in a database.

To make this project more visually stimulating, I gave students bats as note-taking templates.  I also included the citation for PebbleGo on the bat, as 40 minutes just isn’t long enough to teach a lesson AND expect students to get everything done.



Parent helpers graciously helped cut out the bats, which were then displayed in the library.


3rd Grade: This was week 1 of a 3+ week journey into utilizing the library catalog.  There was a huge amount of information to get across, as well as a need to allow each student ample time to practice skills on their own computers.  This week’s goals included: logging in to the library catalog (Destiny), placing a hold on a book or writing a review for a book, and logging off of the catalog.


The majority of students were able to log on / off, and over half placed a hold or wrote a review.  About 30% figured out how to write a recommendation, and a handful exceeded expectations by discovering the “friending” option in the library catalog.  More on this in the next couple of weeks 🙂

This week’s 3rd grade booktalks:

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