Read-Aloud Tuesday

A Good Day by Kevin Henkes


Four animals – a squirrel, bird, fox, and dog – have a problem: they’re each having a bad day.  But the day changes when each finds a unique solution to change the outcome of the day.  Super-short, this worked very well! Clear problems and solutions, along with Henkes’s vibrant illustrations, were enjoyed by all.  H said this was his favorite of today’s stories.

Like this book?  Try Good News, Bad News

Hugs for Pearl by Paul Schmid


Pearl loves hugs.  There’s just one problem: Pearl is – gasp! – a porcupine with sharp quills.  What is she to do?  The students really enjoyed this after reading Perfectly Percy last week.  One girl asked where Perch was in this story; another commented that Pearl had a problem, just like Percy.  Pairing these in back to back weeks fostered great connections.

Ribbit! by Rodrigo Folgueira


A little pink pig sits on a lilypad in a pond that’s home to the frogs.  When the frogs ask him why he’s there, he replies, “Ribbit!” and causes chaos and confusion among the frogs.  A lovely, unexpected story about friendship and making friends, this is perfect for ages 4+.

Patch by David Slonim


Told in three very short “chapters”, Patch and his owner show what life is like for a dog and his owner.  We read chapter 1 (“Rabbits”) this week, and the children were quite eager to hear the rest of the story.  Next week!

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