Battle Bunny

Scrolling through my inbox, I found an email from Publishers Weekly that looked promising: a new book from two of my favorites, Jon Scieszka (the Trucktown books) and Mac Barnett (Extra Yarn)!  Interested, I clicked through, and read this article about their newest book.


Summary: When no one remembers it’s Alex Bunny’s birthday, he takes matters into his own hands – transforming a run-of-the-mill sweet surprise birthday party story into an all-out birthday battle with pirates and ninjas.

Based on the summary, I’m reminded a bit of Melanie Watt’s Chester books, where Chester the cat (and his red marker) take over Melanie’s too-sweet mice story.  As Chester is currently one of J&H’s favorite read-alouds, I’ll bet they’ll like Battle Bunny.  Because let’s be honest: what 4 and 6 year old don’t like a story where the main character morphs into a pirate?

Looking forward to the release on October 22.  Oh…and the book trailer is too fun:

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