Library Lessons: Oct 6-10, 2013

Note: it was Spirit Week and Walk-a-Thon this week.  If there is one thing I know, it is to plan a really captivating (read: not research) lesson this week.

2nd and 3rd Grades:


After a week of science/social studies lessons, I read aloud the most-requested WCCPBA nominee: Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet by Kelly DiPucchio.  At the end, all classes had an R.S.V.P. / Please Respond question: If you could choose any pet to own, what would it be and WHY?  Prior to sending students off in this task, we reflected on the pets owned by Gilbert (dog, mouse, fly, fish) and the ones he wished to own (ladybug, horse, elephant, pelican, rabbit, bear).  Creative answers were certainly encouraged!  These results will be used by the 3rd graders next week as we explore visual data representation using Wordle.


No classes this week, due to a district-wide meeting.  I spent part of my Monday working on an Audrey Wood MovieMaker Author Trailer to share with the K class next week.  Here it is!  Enjoy!

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