Library Lessons: Sep 30 – Oct 4

There are many titles for a school librarian, but the one I choose to use is teacher-librarian.  I’m a teacher (BA in Education) and a librarian (MLIS).  Folks, it’s not just storytime around here.

3rd Grade

How to use a field guide.  These students are studying rocks in their current science unit, so we learned how to use a rock field guide to aid in identifying an unknown rock/mineral.  This was a hard activity for them.  Really hard.  Of the 75 students, maybe 20% correctly identified their sample.  And guess what?  That is okay.  In fact, it’s great.  I had kids really reading and studying the field guide, comparing the photos and text to what they observed in their sample.  There was no random guessing – each group gave real effort.  Interestingly, one group that didn’t ever correctly identify their rock asked if they could try again with a new sample next week.  You got it, friends. 🙂


This is the field guide I use with my students. Unfortunately, this edition is out of print.

2nd Grade

Social Studies tie in with map skills. Studying the community is a big part of the 2nd grade SS curriculum.  The students, working in 3’s, used a large LiDAR map of the community to locate places, roads, and bodies of water using the key/legend.  Because of the detail in the LiDAR map, the students could actually see individual buildings / houses.  How cool is that?!  This is the first part of a lesson – more will be done with the LiDAR maps in the spring.


Author study #1 = done!  Audrey Wood’s study went out on a high note with King Bidgood’s In the Bathtub.  After reading, I pulled 3 of Wood’s books and had students fill in this sentence: “This book is ___________.”  Each new word was written on the board, and students were encouraged not to repeat words / phrases.    My goal is to create an Author Trailer (like a book trailer) for every author we study this year.  In order to have the students help, I get to teach them how to describe books in a word / phrase.  Teacher-librarian, indeed. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Library Lessons: Sep 30 – Oct 4

  1. Jim Coldwell

    Hello, Librarian Arika! I am a new librarian at Centennial El. School in Mount Vernon. I know you are in contact with Monica Hodges,our librarian at Jefferson School also in MV. As a newbie, I really treasure your website and want to thank you, a 1,000 times over, for your effort in producing it! Like Monica, I am very interested in the Sasquatch books and the selection for Sasquatch Junior. Thank you!!


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