Each Kindness

Each Kindness

Last week, I read Jacqueline Woodson’s poignant picture book Each Kindness to grades 2&3.  This is a story I personally love and find to be greatly important, especially to elementary-aged children.  I had a few goals with today’s lesson: check one of the books off our state award nominee list, work on creating/writing quality book reviews, and – of course – hone in on the virtue and importance of kind choices.

Speaking of kind choices – In my library, I have this huge sign.


Yes, it’s a tribute to Wonder.  And notice all the empty space around it.  But not for long.

After reading, I issued my students a challenge: to fill the board with sticky notes by December 21 (winter break) with all of their kind choices.  In the spirit of the story, I’m hoping that the children will find ways of showing kindness that are unexpected or challenging.  It’s easy to smile at a friend.  It’s much harder to smile at the new boy on the soccer team…but it’s usually much more meaningful.

Next week, as in the story, I’ll bring in stones and a bowl of water and invite the students to share any kindness they would like, either aloud of silently.  And we’ll have sticky notes.  Lots and lots of sticky notes.

And those book reviews?  Here are some of my favorites, as written by 3rd graders.  (All work is their own, including spellings.)  And yes, they wrote them on sticky notes. 🙂

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