Take a Journey


I picked up Aaron Becker’s Journey at my local library the other day, intending to read it to J&H.  I’d seen it featured on a few different websites and in journals, but I hadn’t read any reviews.  (I like forming my own opinions.)   When I realized it was wordless, I got worried: neither J nor H really respond to wordless books.

Well.  This is the exception.

Part Harold and the Purple Crayon, part Leviathan, Journey is a magical adventure that my littles haven’t stopped talking about.  They asked questions (“I wonder if the boy was in that world when she was there?”), made observations (“I think the girl must have drawn her scooter because it’s red, too.”) , and – the biggie – have asked to re-read the book even though piles of unread books are standing by.

This trailer just as beautiful.  I can’t wait to show it to J&H tonight before we take off on another Journey.

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