Read-Aloud Tuesday

Today was day 1 of read-aloud time in my son H’s Montessori classroom.  I didn’t have any back-to-school books (poor planning…those are all checked out!), but I wanted to focus on accepting others and making friends.  Hence, today’s choices.

Rabbit & Squirrel

Rabbit & Squirrel: a tale of war and peas by Kara LaReau.

What happens when neighbors Rabbit and Squirrel jump to conclusions after vegetables go missing from their gardens?  Hmmm…  Perfect message for all.  The older children in the class really understood what happened.  Share with ages 3-8.

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great

Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great by Bob Shea

Goat is depressed at his all-around lack of greatness compared to Unicorn – that is, until Unicorn shows Goat just how great he really is.  This one got lots of giggles and requests to leave it in the room.  Share with ages 4-8.

Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat: I love my white shoes by Eric Litwin

Pete’s white shoes get dirty, but he doesn’t worry: he stays cool and sings a song about each new color of his shoes.  It’s all good!  This was a favorite from last year.  As I walked out of the classroom, the class was singing Pete’s song.  Looks like a new group of Pete fans!  Groovy!  Share with ages 2+.

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